If Mother’s Ruled the World

Yesterday before I took my little girl to Girl Scout camp…we stopped to get lunch and spend some time together with her brother. We had some great conversations, did a word search together while we waited for our food and I tried to ignore the little old man sitting behind me who was ranting to his friend about how “how there will never be a Woman “Man enough” to be president someday and that we will ALWAYS be weaker than men…”

It took everything in me to just tell the kids to get up and go so I didn’t turn to him as we left and shout:

“I’d like you to meet my 6 year old daughter – the one I spent 30+ excruciating hours squeezing out of my body – and the one that is already stronger than you will ever be – because she doesn’t allow prejudice and pride and the need to be superior to others – to control her life and make her miserable.

Thank you – but Ill take a strong accepting/loving heart and intelligent mind over a strong body any day and I will continue to teach my daughter to appreciate the same.” at him.

Last night I sat down and jokingly started writing down things I thought would be different if “Women” ran the country…but then changed it to “Loving Mother’s” because lets face it…there are some pretty aweful women out there in our World too…

This is the list I came up with so far.

If the entire World chose Loving Mothers to run their countries…

• The “House” would be clean and orderly.
• There would be no “Dirty Laundry” laying around.
• Everyone would have enough to eat because “Mom” would rather starve than watch one of her kids go hungry…and would give everything off her own plate to ensure this was so…even if it meant she would have nothing in the end.
• Everyone would have an equal share in keeping the “Home” cleaned up and would only get “allowance” for going above and beyond what is already expected of them.
• There would be no destructive and violent “Toys” to play with.
• No “Ouchie” would go untreated and everyone would have clean teeth.
• There would be little to no chance of war because let’s face it…that “MOM GLARE OF DOOM” is enough to stop even Chuck Norris in his tracks.
• If you made a mess of something, destroyed someones property or hurt someone on purpose – you would be responsible for fixing it and would not be allowed to just sit in your “Room” and “Think about what you have done” for a few months.
• Everyone would be required to eat their vegetables…and we would all be responsible for helping to grow them.
• Everyone would believe they could do anything they set their minds to and no little girl would ever think she was’t as tough as a boy.
• Nap time would be mandatory…for everyone.
• We would all have cute patches sewn on our pants and wear them until they wore completely through – instead of wasting money buying pants that need patches on them…
• Little boys could wear pink and put on fairy wings and high heels and dance to “It’s Raining Men” in the living room with the window wide open and feel alive and carefree – instead of shamed and “Weird.”
• Everyone would have their first haircut, first lost tooth, first birthday portrait…. first “Everything’s” and their umbilical cord stub – stored in a national indestructible Savings deposit box facility.Im sure there are plenty of things that would go wrong with having “Loving Mother’s” run the World too – but boy it would be nice to see if it would make a difference for the better…wouldn’t it?


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